The “Adult crowds” packages delivers a great deal of energy to any party. It transforms a diner at the restaurant or a evening with friends into a magical event! Invite a clown to the office as a bonding activity. The possibilities are as endless as are the great memories that’ll come out of it!

Ideal for:

Birthday Parties
Retirement Parties
Cocktail Parties
The BBQ of the Summer
Office Parties








Celebrate in a BIG way by getting a colourful guest!

The clown draws  attention, tells jokes and offers you special moments that’ll forever be remembered. THIS YEAR, BE ORIGINAL. Offer more than a gift, offer a great memory!


– – – – – 3 OPTIONS FOR A MEMORABLE DAY – – – – –


Why hire a clown for an adult crowd?

Clowns are extremely colourful. They are characters which instantly invoke humor and funny childhood memories. This translate into an unforgettable event. 20 years after, your guest will still remember that party. They’ll say “do you remember the time you rented a clown…” How many parties are you able to recall in great details? With Clownatec, nothing is easier! No other entertainment this accessible offers you a chance to create a memorable day as easily!

Why Clownatec?

Clownatec has been in the business since 1995. We entertain thousands of people each year. You can’t go wrong! Our quality standards are unequaled. The packages are funny and the clowns are pretty and talented!